Webcomic sites I frequent:


Websites I enjoy -David

Claire's wonderful webcomic.

Pictures of YouBy Gibson Twist

Our Time in EdenBy Gibson Twist

Make Magazine -- www.makezine.com

Stuff I reccomend -David

For safe and secure Internet browsing (on Windows and Linux) I recommend Firefox. For Mac OSX, Safari ain't half bad.

For useful software, including word processing apps, digital photo organization, anti-virus/spyware software check out the Google Pack.

If you are in the market for packaging materials or machinery, I'd reccomend Bestpack Inc. I've done alot of computer and A/V work for this company over the years and they have treated me kindly and professionally despite the fact I was merely an itinerant IT worker. Try name dropping me for some good will...

Bestpack Packaging Inc.


Link to C'est la Vie: