Mona Montrois: Originally from Paris, France, Mona now lives in Los Angeles with her roommate Donna and her lifelong friend- her stuffed bunny, Monsieur Smokey. Mona is a chain- smoking, cynical young woman who fails to see any meaning or purpose in her “aimless existence.” Despite her negative outlook on life, she has secret hopes that maybe she’s got it all wrong and happiness is in store for her. Mona is also a daily opinion columnist for a local newspaper called “The Tidal Wave.”


Monsieur Smokey: Mona's companion for over 15 years. Monsieur Smokey gives Mona the best advice a lewd, chauvinistic stuffed bunny can. Despite all the times Mona strangles him and threatens to send him to the Salvation Army, Mona and Monsieur Smokey share secret sentiments of unconditional platonic love.  


  Donna Fitzpatrick: Mona's roommate. Though Donna's a bit of a ditz and an air- head, she and Mona have managed to remain friends since high school. Their personalities clash, but they rely on each other for advice and companionship. Moreover, Mona thinks she's amusing to watch.


Lucas Lamoureux: Mona and Lucas met briefly at an art gallery, where Lucas was immediately drawn to her. Although their paths have crossed since then, they have been oblivious to each other’s presence, and Lucas continues to date his girlfriend, Tiffany, even though he periodically reflects back on the “girl from the gallery.” Lucas lives a very insignificant life much like the rest of the world, but unlike everyone else, he realizes how trivial his existence is.



  Tiffany Nguyen: In attempt to give Lucas more of a social life, Lucas’ sister set him up on a blind date with her good friend, Tiffany Nguyen. Tiffany is a successful professional in the corporate world, is materialistic, a bit shallow, and very high maintenance. In other words, Tiffany is the complete opposite of Lucas, and it’s an enigma why they are in a relationship.


Pierre Montrois: One of Mona’s 5 older brothers and possibly her favorite, since she and him are often shunned by the Montrois family for their “unconventional behavior.” Although perpetually romancing women, Pierre also takes the time to give Mona his brotherly guidance from time to time. Normally living in Paris, Pierre is temporarily stranded in Los Angeles with Mona after having his passport stolen at the airport.